Vladimir Film Festival

Vladimir Film Festival is an independent skateboarding video event established in 2011, in Fažana, by the skateboard club August Šenoa. It is a unique event in Europe. Its main focus lies on underground skate video production and independent projects, driven by the DIY philosophy that makes it a unique event in Europe. Every year VFF brings new movies, video and photo materials by many authors across the globe. Some of the videos had their first european premiere on Vladimir Film Festival.

Although a place with less than 4.000 inhabitants, Fažana is the center of  DIY scene on Istrian peninsula. It had two concrete DIY spots and one skate park, all in a circle of 500 meters, not to mention the nearness of the sea and the beautiful sunsets. Since the DIY spots were located in two abandoned factories, they were thorn down by the local authorities. It is a shame they did not recognize the importance and the historical moment for underground skateboarding.

Check out our DIY projects:

Liquer Factory

Glass Factory

10 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, do you know if this spot is still skateable? If not demolished? We will be on the skate tour through Croatia at the end of august. We would like to spend some time at Fažana diy spot. Thanks for the reply

  2. Hey, will there be a 2015 edition of the festival? Would be really interested to check it out! cheers from France

  3. Hello Yentl toboul,

    Vladimir 2015 will be held form 18-19th of September. We are still in the making of festival program and we are expecting quests from France as well. We will update festival info soon,



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