Interview with Rick Charnoski and Coan Buddy Nichols

Interview with the makers of Behind the fence installation Rick Charnoski and Coan Buddy Nichols.

Interview by Aymeric Nocus.

Aymeric interview for MIMPI 2017

Check out this interview from MIMPI festival with Aymeric Nocus!

Marko Zubak interview for Carhartt

Interview with Marko Zubak for Carhartt about Vladimir film festival. Check it out here.

It stared totally spontaneously, with the idea to screen some local edits and skate videos with projector, in the small local skate park in Fažana, as an event after the whole day skate session.

Henry Kingsford interview

We’re slowly approaching the new edition of Vladimir Film Festival and with that in mind we decided to do a small recap of the 2015 VFF. We contacted Henry Kingsford, a London-based photographer and Grey Skateboard Magazine founder, last years exhibitor and guest, but mostly our friend who is visiting us again this year. In a brief interview we discuss his work at Grey, his photography and of course, Vladimir.

With this occasion we are taking the opportunity to thank Henry one more time for all the help last year on the exhibition “5 years in print” and all the promotion that he provided for the festival. Thanks man! Looking forward to seeing you again at the VFF2016.

Read the interview here.

Grey Area online Premiere


In 2013 at the former liqueur factory “Badel” we screened Grey Area, a film by Kaczmarczyk and Pawel Piotr Przybyl. Grey area is definitely worth watching, video is showing great Polish skate scene and beyond. If you want to support Kuba Kaczmarczyk for his grate work buy the DVD form this site or simply set your time dates this Friday 13 and enjoy it here.

Read the interview with Kuba here.

VFF 2014: Eleventh hour

Eleventh hour from Jacob Harris, is one of the most exiting skate video projects that came out in 2013. Theories of Atlantis web page ranked it as the best independent skate video from last year.
Hopefully, Jacob and the rest of guys from the film will join us this year on Vladimir Film Festival to present their video. If you want to know more about his work and “Eleventh hour”, check his interview from Gray skate magazine.

Interview with Nikola Racan (VFF) for The Sleeping Horse

“I would like to Introduce to you Nikola Racan of Fazana, Croatia who is helping keep the Underground lit, by organizing an International Skateboard film festival for the past three years. We spoke with the event’s creator, Nikola to learn a little more about it’s history and its future. Enjoy!”

-The Horse

Read the full interview at The Sleeping Horse!

Domingo is now online

Domingo was screened on Vladimir Film Festival 2012 with following exhibition that took place at the Glass Factory. Check the interview by Morgan Campbell with Josh Roberts here! For original DVD you can contact Josh Roberts on:

Photo exhibition VFF 2012