Presentation of the future Fažana skate park

Here is the full presentation of the Skate park Mediterranean that was presented to the Fažana public on 12 march 2019.

Ovdje možete pogledati prezentaciju Skate parka Mediteran održane 12.3. u MMC-u Fažana.

Link: Skatepark Mediteran presentation

Waltzing in Croatia

A big thanks goes to Spencer Legebokoff for writing this article about Vladimir 2019 that was published at the King skateboard magazine

The normally culturally homogenous town was quickly taken over by the sounds of powerslides and Ollies, and I quickly realized why Fažana was the perfect place for skaters to gather: the sea was warm, coffee breaks were long, and nobody ever felt the need to lock their doors.

The Skatrix

After the underground success of their first film, the super 8mm skateboard classic Fruit of the Vine (1999), Coan “Buddy” Nichols and Rick Charnoski founded the independent production company Six Stair, which operates under the same DIY ethics of the subculture that raised them: skateboarding and punk rock.  Since 1999 Nichols and Charnoski have charted an unorthodox path, making a broad range of films that consistently go beyond tired tropes to illuminate deeper truths. Currently, they produce and direct the popular web series “Love Letters to Skateboarding” for Vans and are in development of their first narrative feature (Warm Blood) and continue to work on a variety of both independent and commercial projects out of their back alley studio in Hollywood, CA.

On Vladimir they are presenting a video installation, mixing skateboarding with contemporary art. On Saturday 29th you will have an opportunity to see it with your own eyes on the fort Kaštel in Pula.

Southern California is the home of the backyard swimming pool. In some neighborhoods every house has one. Sometimes the pools are empty. That’s when we hop the fence and ride them before the owners come home, neighbors complain or someone calls the cops. There are never spectators- no one who is not skating is there watching. About 15 years ago we came up with an idea for how non skaters could be a part of this secret experience.

Vladimir on medium

Another love letter for Vladimir at Medium skate mag.

Every time, the most important part of the experience is the human factor, consisting in meeting not just the locals but also crossing paths with packs of other visitors from different horizons.

Vladimir on Solo

An article about Vladimir on Solo skate mag. Text and photos by Stefan Schwinghammer.

You know what is beautiful? People coming back.

Vladimir documentary

Vladimir film festival documentary filmed and edited by our dear friend Aymeric Nocus. There is nothing more to add that has not been said in the film. Enjoy!

Vladimir is now a crucially federating event, abolishing geographical and political borders for a moment just long enough for as many skateboarding enthusiasts as possible to share energies by the means of underground skate video premieres, documentary screenings or various types of performance shows and exhibitions in – more often than not – odd locations in a region best described as lost in, if not completely out of, time.

MIMPI film festival 2017

Some of the films screened at Vladimir wins at Rio de Jenairo MIMPI film festival:

Best Documentary – Abkhazia by Vantte Lindevall
Best Soundtrack – Solsticij by Nikola Racan
Best Editing – On / Off by Youri Fernandez
Mimpi Award – solos by Colin Read
Best Atmosphere – Island by Jim Craven
Best Long Foreign Film and the Grand Jury Prize – Canasta by Francisco Saco

Congratulations guys!

Aymeric interview for MIMPI 2017

Check out this interview from MIMPI festival with Aymeric Nocus!

VFF2017 photo journal by Solo

Great shots taken by Stefan Schwinghammer at the Vladimir 2017 on Solo skate mag.

A good skate session, chilling at the beach, good food, Ping Pong, Rakija (other better not) and screenings and photo exhibitions in the evening. What more do you want?

Connor Kammerer best trick contest

Connor Kammerer’s concept came to life on day zero of Vladimir 2017. Skating famous spots here in Fažana was a thrill for everybody who got the chance to witness this simple yet complex idea. Congratulations to the winners.

First place:
Black hubba / best trick – Dino Coce

Second place:
Keenan Milton prize – Nich Kunz

Third place:
Best overall – Gosha Konyshev


Marko Zubak interview for Carhartt

Interview with Marko Zubak for Carhartt about Vladimir film festival. Check it out here.

It stared totally spontaneously, with the idea to screen some local edits and skate videos with projector, in the small local skate park in Fažana, as an event after the whole day skate session.

Nich Kunz setting up the darkroom

Our dear friend Nich Kunz is helping us a lot with this year’s Vladimir edition suggesting stuff for video and photo program and not to mention the solo exhibition with what he is going to take part of the official program in Kino Valli on Saturday, 23rd of September.

Other than that he is the main reason that we are hosting the exhibition Print exchange in Fažana with which we are opening the festival this year on Day Zero, Thursday 21st.

Then there is the merch he is helping us produce for the first time on Vladimir, but the most important thing, he helped us set up the darkroom and showed us how to use it, develop film and print darkroom prints. So a big thanks go to Nich! Thank you.

Nikola Racan interview by Grey


Check out the interview with Nikola Racan by Henry Kingsford at Grey: part 01 & part 02!

Rios Crew Čekaj vol.2 Edit

Last summer a bunch of numerous Hungarians, the Rios crew, came to Pula for the VFF2015 to present their latest video. We received the edit just few minutes before announcing the official program, but it was without the title. Oleg and I came out with the name “Jönnek”, as we were writing the line-up here on the blog. Video is now online and you can watch it here!

Fifteen members of the crew stayed at already famous Oleg’s house in Fažana. It was their second trip to Croatia, but relatively short stay, so they didn’t wasted a minute. The outcome is skateboarding at it’s best, with a small glimpse into the festival mood and featuring Rios’ member of honor, Aymeric Nocus.

Čekaj 2:

It was a great pleasure to have them here in Fažana and Pula for VFF 2015 and we are looking forward to see what will they come up with, for the next edition of the festival, VFF 2016!

Check out the first part, Čekaj:

Read more about Rios crew!

A visit from Germany

About a week ago we had a visit from Köln. A group of skaters who saw our blog (to our greatest surprise, because till the moment we didn’t do anything to promote it for real, it was still in the construction), came to Fažana in search of our DIY spot. When we met accidentally on the streets of Pula, they already skated the spot. But there was still something left to discover, something that’s not so easy to find.
The next day we took them to skate the secrets of Austro-Hungarian fortresses. Despite the hot summer noon sun and deadly snakes crawling around the ruins, disturbed in their insolation, they came with fresh perception and throw a good session.

Skater: Philip / Photos by Nikola Racan