Vladimir documentary

Vladimir film festival documentary filmed and edited by our dear friend Aymeric Nocus. There is nothing more to add that has not been said in the film. Enjoy!

Vladimir is now a crucially federating event, abolishing geographical and political borders for a moment just long enough for as many skateboarding enthusiasts as possible to share energies by the means of underground skate video premieres, documentary screenings or various types of performance shows and exhibitions in – more often than not – odd locations in a region best described as lost in, if not completely out of, time.

Free skate mag on VFF2017

Free skate mag did a great article on VFF 2017 with words by Aymeric Nocus accompanied with photos by Tomaž Šantl. Here it is!

If you aren’t familiar with the yearly Vladimir Film Festival already, sorry to say you’ve been sleepin’ and slippin’.

VFF2017 photo journal by Solo

Great shots taken by Stefan Schwinghammer at the Vladimir 2017 on Solo skate mag.

A good skate session, chilling at the beach, good food, Ping Pong, Rakija (other better not) and screenings and photo exhibitions in the evening. What more do you want?

Connor Kammerer best trick contest

Connor Kammerer’s concept came to life on day zero of Vladimir 2017. Skating famous spots here in Fažana was a thrill for everybody who got the chance to witness this simple yet complex idea. Congratulations to the winners.

First place:
Black hubba / best trick – Dino Coce

Second place:
Keenan Milton prize – Nich Kunz

Third place:
Best overall – Gosha Konyshev


Taufek Asmarak

Taufek Asmarak, the founder of independent magazine Waxfeather, is bringing us Quit KL, a skate video from Kuala Lumpur by Tep York. At Vladimir Film Festival, Taufek is showing a photo exhibition documenting underground skate scene from Malaysia (Singapore) and Indonesia, made during the filming of the Quit KL video.

The exhibition and the screening are set for Friday, 22nd September at Caffe bar Stara Fažana from 19:00.

Island by Jim Craven

Jim Craven, a young author from Manchester, is here with us again after last year’s preview of what we today know as the Land video. With great pleasure we are watching his next installment named Island at National park Brijuni on Sunday 24th of September.

‘Island’ is an expansion on a project we embarked on last year, ‘Land’. This summer we have travelled the length of the UK, camping in the wild and skating unique and rural spots along the way. It stars Tom Day and Zach Riley, alongside friends we met along the way.

Jim Craven

Photo: Henry Kingsford

Kompa by Mihael Šandro

Mihael Šandro, a nineteen year old from Rijeka, currently living in Copenhagen, has been creating short video clips for the past few years, documenting croatian skate scene, mostly focusing on Rijeka’s scene in which he oft en participates.

In collaboration with Simple skateboards he created his first featured video Kompa (slang for buddy). Video is gathering all of the prominent skaters from the Croatian skateboarding scene, also featuring few a Slovenian skaters. Video was filmed for the past two years on locations in Croatia, Slovenia and Italy.

You can catch it on Friday, September 22nd at Caffe bar Stara Fažana.

Look left

Traffic skateboards is the most essential skateboarder-ran company with a core following and little, yet impactful, publicity for those in the know. It is a great pleasure to announce that the newest Trafic video Look Left is going to be part of this year’s Vladimir program. It features Kevin Coakley, Hiroki Muraoka, Brendan Carroll, Joe Yates, Rich Adler, Jimmy Mastrocola, Mark Wetzel, Chris Teta, Luke Malaney and George Hanuschak.

European premiere of the film will be held Friday 23rd at caffe bar Stara Fažana so be sure not to miss it!

Palomino pop-up shop

We are happy to announce that this year Vladimir Film Festival will once again feature Palomino Pop-up shop. Nick is visiting us from London, bringing the shop with a bunch of amazing skate brands, books, DVDs, and magazines, but more than anything, we look forward to his contagious smile.

Who hasn’t already should check Palomino store online because he is taking over Stara Fažana square on Friday, September 22nd from 7-11PM where you will be able to choose from the variety of brands at friendly prices.

O3EPO project

Photo by Alexey Lapin

Skaters from famous Russian skate brand Absurd Skateboards and skaters from Carhartt WIP got together on this unusual project, a trip from Moscow to Baikal lake in Siberia. They went together through five time zones, crossing more than 6000 km, which took them over three weeks.

The project is called O3EPO, which means lake in Russian, (or “jezero” in Croatian) and after the premieres at Bright in Berlin and Faces and Laces in Moscow, it comes to VFF2017 in Fažana, accompanied with a limited number of free zines, featuring the photographs from Alexey Lapin and Felipe Bartolomé. Come and grab yours!

The video will be shown on Friday, September 22nd in the Fažana old square.

Vladimir 2017 official program

Vladimir film festival 2017 official program is out! Check out this year’s videos and exhibitions ’cause we got some awesome stuff going on!


Thursday 21. 9. / Fažana
– Brioni Hotel –

19:00 – 23:00
Film Por Vida
Print exchange program

19:00 – 23:00
Photo installation
Connor Kammerer

20:00 – 22:00
Skate video projections

– Kasarna –

23:00 – 03:00
After party

Friday 22. 9. / Fažana
– Caffe bar Stara Fažana –

19:00 – 22:00
Guest gastro chef

19:00 – 23:00
Photo exhibition
Taufek Asmarak

19:00 – 23:00

Marseille zoo 4
by Rémi Luciani

by Mihael Šandro

by Anton Beliaev

Look left
by Traffic skateboards

– Kasarna –

23:00 – 03:00
After party

Saturday 23. 9. / Pula
– Kino Valli –

19:00 – 22:00
Photo exhibition
Nich Kunz

by Lucas Beaufort 

– Galerija Cvajner –

Photo exhibition
Olman Torres

Push Partial World Tour 2
by Zach Chamberlin

by Francisco Saco

Sunday 24. 9. / Fažana
– National park Brijuni –

by Jim Craven

by Vantte Lindevall

– Kasarna –

23:00 – 03:00
After party

Supported by:

TZ Fažana
Grad Pula
TZ Pula
Istarska Županija
Nacionalni park Brijuni
Hrvatski audiovizualni centar
Galerija Cvajner
Pula Film Festival
Kino Valli
Na konju smo
Six Penelope

Media partners:

Grey skateboard magazine
Solo magazine
Live skateboard media
Free skateboard magazine

Canasta by Francisco Saco

Canasta is a celebration of a scene that has been brewing for quite a while now, culminating in a mixed bag of expectations and maneuvers, of tackling an urban tropical landscape in all its splendor and ruggedness. It is as a complete overview of a crescent scene, and as such, will be the final work in a triptych of wrecks.

It features a cast of locals: Miguel Castro, Kervin Miranda, Kevin Mejia, Roberto Chaves, Yiyo Obando, Trona, Kako Vega, Bryan Gutierrez along with some visitors: Remy Taveira, Nich Kunz, Manu Etchegoyen.

Canasta is my last wreck. It focuses completely on the scene in Costa Rica, from both a national and foreign perspective under close observation.

Francisco Saco

Marseille Zoo Episode 4

Rémi Luciani is bringing the latest episode of his Marseille Zoo series to Vladimir film festival on Friday 22nd at Stara Fažana.

The video involves nearly 40 skateboarders including locals and homies from all around the world: UK, USA, Denmark, Polska, Australia and more. Be sure not to miss this as Rémi and his frirnds are joining us at the festival.

Marseille’s skateboarding scene is underrated and deserves to be shown, its potential is huge but usually underestimated.

Rémi Luciani

Accommodation for Vladimir film festival

Looking for accommodation in Fažana during the Vladimir film festival? We got you covered. We have arranged apartments in Fažana near the beach and the center with cozy beds and free internet.

The price is 12 euros per day per person and includes a free ticket for the boat ride to Sunday’s screening on Brijuni Island.

Fill out the form, tell us how many days you are staying and we will get back at you with a confirmation and all the informations you need.

Photo by: Rios Crew

Nich Kunz at Vladimir

With no solid plans and nothing he had to do, Nich Kunz went on a trip to visit friends and skateboard while traveling in Europe. The exhibition of 12 photographs, accompanied by a book, recaps the solo 3 month trip leading up to the Vladimir Film Festival in 2016.

This solo exhibition by the San Francisco based photographer is going to be shown at the Valli cinema in Pula starting from 19:00 on Saturday, 23rd of September 2017.