Vladimir at Isola

The last year’s Vladimir photo exhibition was presented in Isola, Slovenia as part of the Kino Otok film festival with the works of Kuba BączkowskiJoel Peck, and Richard West filling up the walls of Salsaverde gallery.

The opening was followed by the surprise cooking of the gastro king himself Tibor Rep aka REPeat on what we are eternally grateful and also, big thanks to Edi Miandrušič for inviting us to be a part of the Kino Otok festival.

Vladimir at Kino Otok film festival

We are very pleased and happy to announce that Vladimir is invited to guest at Isola, Slovenia at the Kino Otok / Isola Cinema film festival. Photo exhibition is setup at the Salsaverde gallery with the works from VFF2016 by Kuba BączkowskiJoel Peck and Richard West.

If you have the chance, be sure to check it out. The exhibition is set to be open from 31.5. till 4.6.

Nikola Racan interview by Grey


Check out the interview with Nikola Racan by Henry Kingsford at Grey: part 01 & part 02!

Brijuni island


Colin Read will be with us today on the Brioni islands for an open screening of his latest film Spirit Quest. The film will be starting at 20:00, with an organized departure by boat from Fažana at 18:00 pm – tickets for the ship amounted to 25 kn per person, available from the National Park Brijuni reception in Fažana.
All interested parties should be in Fažana at the main dock no later than 17.45.



Five years in the making. Filmed in Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, France and England. 70 + skaters. Filmed and edited by Nikola Racan, Solsticij is finally here and the premiere is today, 24 September at the Cvajner gallery, 23:00.

Featuring Robert Kocjan, Zoe Miloš, Aymeric Nocus, Tomaž Šantl, Elvis Butković, Nino Jurlina, Marko Zubak, Masaki Ui and many others.

Film is exporting at the moment…

Nicaragua film and photo exhibition


Remy Taveria / Wallride nollie, Granada

What a great intro for the festival this year! We’re starting with Nicaragua photo exhibition by Henry Kingsford, followed by the film with the same title filmed by Jacob Eliott Harris. Also, there are going to be a few copies of the Nicaragua newsprint magazine laying around. Don’t miss it!

You can check the rest of the program here.



1st day of the festival is here and there are a lot of stuff going on: Henry’s Nicaragua photo exhibition and Jacob’s film with the same title, Absurd and Dura edit’s, Pinto’s Conexiones but also, Nick’s Palomino outlet expo with all sorts of goods! DVD-s. clothes, zines, skate publications and a lot more. We have to say this one more time: We’re so excited!

Introducing Day zero


Vladimir was never packed and full with program as it is this year, so for the first time we are having a Day zero of the festival. On Thursday, 22nd of September, in the backyard of the Brioni hotel in Fažana, we are starting the screenings with Polar’s I like it here inside my mind…Pathways by Brett Nichols, Vase by Jacob Harris and a few short edits.

For those of you who don’t know the location of the Brioni hotel in Fažana here is a map to help you locate it. See you there!

Richard West on VFF2016


On Saturday 24th in the Valli cinema, Pula, you will have the opportunity to see the work of Richard West, a UK-based skateboard photographer and skater. His outstanding photos captured on various skate trips around Europe will be exhibited side by side on the international photo exhibition with the works by Joel PeckKuba Bączkowski and Alexey Lapin starting at 19:00.

“I started shooting photos at about the age of 19 but I have no idea how I got sucked into it. “

Interview with West on Crossfire mag.

The Blackboard

Marquis Bradshaw’s debut documentary film The Blackboard examines what it means to be black in America, through the lens of skateboarding culture, which has become socially acceptable among black people only in recent years.

Pro skaters Jabari Pendleton, Karl Watson, and Ron Allen (one of the first black pro skaters and one of the first skaters to ever receive major corporate sponsorship), are telling their own story, without any filter but their own.

More about the film on the Blackboard website.

Vase by Jacob Harris

Vase is the first full-length video from Isle Skateboards featuring Nick Jensen, Tom Knox, Casper Brooker, Paul Shier, Jon Nguyen, Chris Jones and Sylvain Tognelli. It is filmed and edited by Jacob Harris, who visited us and presented Eleventh hour at Vladimir 2014. Vase will be screened on Day zero, 22nd September at 21:30. Don’t miss it!

“…when asked this question, we just give this dictionary definition of ‘Vase’ that it’s ‘a vessel that beautifies its contents’”

Read the interview about Vase with Jacob at the Green zine.

Joel Peck

Joel Peck from Northampton, England, was introduced to skateboarding through the infamous Radlands skatepark in ’99. He studied Photography at Manchester School of Art and currently lives and works in Berlin.

We are happy to say that Joel will be joining us on Vladimir and exhibit some of his work at the Valli cinema starting on 24th September at 19:00.

VFF 2016 documentary: Future is primitive

Documentaries have a special treatment at VFF as they are screened in the renowned Pula’s cinema Kino Valli. This edition of Vladimir has the honor to set to screen the documentary from Japanese filmmaker Katsuya Nonaka, Future is primitive, which puts together two seemingly different worlds, skateboard and shakuhachi.

In his film, Katsuya talks with skaters from all around the world, as well as Japanese and non-Japanese players of the traditional bamboo flute, the shakuhachi, revealing the common things and problems they share, while encountering changing status and a rise in popularity.

Official website of Future is primitive

VFF 2016 program introduction


The program is out and we couldn’t be more excited!

First we have to point out the news and updates of Vladimir film festival’s 6th edition. This year we’re extending our festival for one day in comparison to previous editions of the festival so the dates are September 23rd till 25th, 2016. With that in mind, we are also announcing an exciting off-program on Thursday 22nd – Day zero. Because of the great amount of submissions, on Day zero we will be having additional skate video projections with Brett Nichols Pathways, Polar’s I like it here inside my mind… and a few short edits from Slovenia, Italy, Spain, Chile…

On Friday 23rd in Stara Fažana this year we are bringing you Palomino outlet store expo from London, a photo exhibition by Henry Kingsford followed by a short film Nicaragua by Jacob Harris, Russian guests from Absurd and Dura crew presenting their edits, Luka Pinto from Pillo wheels gang with Conexiones and a few surprise videos.

On Saturday 24th at the cinema Kino Valli in Pula we are screening two documentaries reflecting views of two opposing cultures. From Japan comes Future is primitive by Katsuya Nonaka and from USA The Blackboard by Marquis Bradshaw. Also, packed with a lot of photos from Alexey Lapin, Kuba Bączkowski, Joel Peck and Richard West we had to extend the photo exhibition to the Cvajner gallery where we situated the works of Sergej Vutuc. At this location we will close the day with the premier, and we couldn’t be more proud, of Solsticij by our very own Nikola Racan!

Last but not least we bring you Colin Read straight from New York city for the screening of his latest project Spirit quest that will be held at the National park Brijuni island on Sunday 25th.

Check the schedule of VFF 2016 program here!

Conexiones by Luka Pinto

VFF 2016 presents: Conexiones video by Luka Pinto from Pillo Wheels that is going to be presented on 23rd of September in Fažana. Video was shot on locations: Jersey, London, Bristol, Murcia, Lyon Porto, Bordeaux and took 4 years to make.

We are happy to say that Luka and his friend will attend the festival and for this occasion we asked him to write something about the video.

“So sorry about not doing the write up of our video for you yet, im guessing we’ve already gone past the deadline you needed? Do you still need us to do it? I will try to write somthing we are happy with haha”