Henry Kingsford interview

We’re slowly approaching the new edition of Vladimir Film Festival and with that in mind we decided to do a small recap of the 2015 VFF. We contacted Henry Kingsford, a London-based photographer and Grey Skateboard Magazine founder, last years exhibitor and guest, but mostly our friend who is visiting us again this year. In a brief interview we discuss his work at Grey, his photography and of course, Vladimir.

With this occasion we are taking the opportunity to thank Henry one more time for all the help last year on the exhibition “5 years in print” and all the promotion that he provided for the festival. Thanks man! Looking forward to seeing you again at the VFF2016.

Read the interview here.

VFF 2015 follow up

We have finally posted the follow up of the events that took place on the 5th edition of the Vladimir skate film festival. Everything you want to know about VFF 2015 check out here!

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Thanks & thanks to all of our friends that helped and supported us all the way through. Special thanks goes to: Henry (& his girlfriend) and Grey magazine for helping us with the exhibition of Grey – five years in print, Richard, Yoan and Will for helping out with the setting up of the photo exhibition and to our long time friend Aymeric for all of his help through out the years. Also we would like to thank Philippe for joining us in person to announce his film, Live skateboard media, Minuit, Grey and Free skate mag for all the media coverage, Konoba Stara Fažana, Kino Valli and galerija Cvajner for the venues and also thanks to all of our sponsors without whom the festival could not have been realised.

Yoan Taillandier at Kino Valli

The man behind the Minuit audiovisual, Yoan Taillandier, cinematographer and photographer, will exhibit his works at the international photo exhibition in Kino Valli, Pula, on Saturday 19. 09. He is definitely another one of our favourite artists and finally we have the opportunity to welcome him here to Istria!

Be sure to be there at 19:00 and meet all the artists, before the program culminates with video projections and the Cardinal after party!

Presentation of “Dick skinners” book, by Tadej Vaukman

Tadej Vaukman’s seven-year journey, enclosed in a photo book, is the latest novelty coming from the RostFrei Publishing, creators of the famous trans-Balkan street magazine called Kontejner. Printed and handcrafted in their own backyard, “Dick Skinners” book is a photo documentation of everyday life, skateboarding and freedom, moments are captured in a rough way, straight to the point, without any embellishment.

Be sure not to miss the presentation of “Dick skinners” book, by Tadej Vaukman himself!

More about Tadej on his blog.

Grey magazine: 5 years in print


In the addition to the works by Henry Kingsford, who is going to be our guest here in Fažana, the exhibition will also show Grey skate magazine: 5 years in print. Articles, interviews and photos from the magazine, printed editions to flip through… Just one more reason to visit Vladimir film festival next weekend!

Follow #fiveyearsofgrey on instagram.

VFF 2015 official teaser

Alexandre Pires: New addition to the VFF 2015 program

We are excited to announce that we have an additional name on the list of the participants of the festival. Alexandre Pires is going to take part on the international photo exhibition with his work on Saturday 19th in Pula.

Some words and photos by Alexandre on Free skate mag

Rios crew

rios crew 7

This guys shred! We like their style a lot. Rios crew, a bunch of Hungarians from Budapest are coming in Fažana to show their latest video. They didn’t have a name for it yet so we named it Yönnek! It literally translates to: They are coming!

Check out the interview with Rios crew at Quartersnacks. Find some more posts about them on Live skateboard media or on their tumblr page.

rios crew 1 rios crew 2 rios crew 3

We were in Split, Croatia, and Kakas tried to skate a rail which was at the entrance of a pub. The owner was so hyped that he told the costumers to sit away from us so he could have the run up for the rail. We got free beers, too.

rios crew 4 rios crew 5 Rios crew 6

Teaser video for Aperitif

Original Copy on VFF 2015

original copy

Original Copy is a friendly project created by Zlatko Djogić and Tomaž Šantl, which is spontaneously driven experimenting with audio and video documents. Each short video is supported by guest artists and is presented in unique circumstances. – We didn’t write this, it was copied from their website.

The guys will be presenting Original Copy no. 5 at Vladimir film festival on Friday 18th in Fažana.

Original Copy no. 4: The pigeon

Aymeric Nocus in Fažana


On September 18th in Fažana you will have the opportunity to enjoy the outstanding work of a young and talentend skater, photographer, writer and filmmaker. Ladies and gentlemen we present to you Aymeric Nocus! A dear friend and supporter of the festival. From Blois, France he will be joining us here in Fažana. Salute!

Read more in the interview with Aymeric on Minuit

VFF 2015: Benjamin Deberdt / Live skateboard media


Do you remember Le cercle? Well, he is that guy! Alongside with Mark Gonzales he introduced the world with the iconic skateboard installation. Photographer, publisher, editor and the founder of several skateboarding magazines like Kingpin, Sugar and Pause, Benjamin Deberdt is also the name behind Live skateboard media, our media partner.

It is a pleasure to present you Benjamin’s work and to inform you that he is going to be our guest here in Fažana on the 5th edition of Vladimir.


“Live happened because it felt like there was something missing in France, and to some extent, on a more global level. Not that my laptop and me have all the answers…”

Quote taken from the interview at Bright

5. VFF Official program


Dear Everybody!

We are very happy to announce the official program for the 5th edition of Vladimir film festival. In short the date’s are: Friday 18.9. (Fažana) and Saturday 19.9. (Pula). Thanks for all your support. See you all in Fažana!

Poster download


Friday 18. 9. – Fažana
Caffe bar Stara Fažana

Photo exhibition
Aymeric Nocus

by Alex Rose

Oš jednog
by Orion skate

Kickflips over occupation
by Maen Hammad

Original Copy
by Tomaž Šantl & Zlatko Djogić

by Rios Crew

Saturday 19. 9. – Pula
Kino Valli

International photo exhibition
Henry Kingsford / Grey mag
Richard Hart / Push Periodical
Benjamin Deberdt
Yoan Taillandier
Alexandre Pires

Danger Dave
by Philippe Petit

Galerija Cvajner

Domingo II
by Josh Roberts

After party
Cardinal & friends

Supported by:

Magenta skateboards
TZ Fažana
Grad Pula
Istarska Županija
Galerija Cvajner
Pula Film Festival
Kino Valli
Na konju smo

Media partners:

Live skateboard media
Grey skateboard magazine
Free skateboard magazine

Kickflips over occupation

kickflipsoveroccupationkickflipsoveroccupation2kickflipsoveroccupation4 kickflipsoveroccupation5kickflipsoveroccupation3

Kickflips over occuapation is a short documentary by Maen Hammad that shows the progress of the skate scene in Palestine. Speaking with the local youth Maen shows how skateboarding brings positive thoughts and energy into their lives, freedom of expression and connection to the “outside world”. The film also talks about the work done by the charities Skate-Aid and SkatePal.

“I had very, very limited editing and filmmaking experience prior to this so I essentially learned how to make a documentary while I was making a documentary. I just filmed everything that seemed or looked important to me.”

Quote taken from the interview by Sarah Irving in the Electronic Intifada

Official trailer

Push Periodical by Richard Hart

Richard Hart, a San Francisco based skater and photographer is joining us in person here in Fažana presenting not only his work but also his newest project named Push Periodical, an  independent skateboard magazine, printed periodically in limited editions. Hart’s work has been presented in numerous editions of skate portals and magazines around the world, to name a few: 43 mag, Kingpin, Transworld

I hope I am passing on something of the feeling that I got from skate photos as a kid. That excitement, and that new way of looking at things. (Street) skating is, at best, a creative re-appropriation of a given environment; sort of a re-imagining of objects. Pretty cool really; pretty mind-expanding for me when I was a kid.

From the interview by Vivien Feil at Magenta


We are very excited to present this unique and mesmerising video on the 5th edition of Vladimir skate film festival. Allowing the intangible to become tangible Headcleaner is an independent recording by Alex Rose, Bryan Reynolds, Matt Creasy and Chris Thiessen filmed on three locations: Long Beach, Atlanta, and Chattanooga. Features footage of James Coleman, Taylor Nawrocki, Jimmy Lannon, Glen Fox, Tyson Peterson, Jim Arnold, Jason Spivey, Fletcher Renegar, Brad Cromer, David Clark and many more.

“We want to show that there are skaters and filmers in the U.S. developing with an open mind, and to “clean the palette” of what is known to be a traditional skate video experience.”

Read more in the interview with Alex Rose by Aymeric Nocus on Minuit