Soleil Levant – Total fresh

Soleil Levant screening tomorrow along w/ Florian Schneider’s documentary Pushed at 8:00 PM

Another edit for VFF unofficial!

Scoribanda, Istrian Gunu tour, fresh production from Croatia!

Tengu ready for its first Euro premiere

The Sleeping Horse on VFF!!

Underdogs from the underground goodies arrived, along with the video for the off-program, Round and Round by Toshihiro Honda, straight from Japan! Behold a drawing of a pale horse

Festival’s Deeper Under off-program 2013!

We’re not done with the announcements for VFF 2013! We’re taking it Deeper Underground with a section of short videos that will be screened sometime during the festival!

Expect the latest broadcast from the Pula streetz, by Mario Fanuko, night edit only! Only four days till the VFF, but the work is still in progress!

Sergej Vutuc on VFF 2013!

Less then two weeks until the festival, screening location is still kept in secret, but announcements are already airing on the local radio! We’re proud to present you another important name in skate photography, whose works will enrich the whole event, Sergej Vutuc!

Kristijan Smok on VFF 2013

Festival is nearing, there are some typos in the blog and the poster, but before we handle this, let us present you another photographer who’ll exhibit his work on this event, Kristijan Smok!

Ceca & Srceki, Postojna

Sergej Vutuc performance/exhibition, Postojna

Oli Buergin, Postojna

It’s official! VFF 13-14. 09. 2013.


Download the poster


Friday, 13.09. – Fažana
MMC Fažana

Pushed by Florian Schneider
Soleil Levant by Magenta Skateboards

Saturday, 14.09. – Fažana
Glass Factory

Tengu: God of Mischief by Colin Read
Grey Area by Kaczmarczyk & Pawel Piotr Przybyl
The Mandalay Express by Patrik Wallner (last year’s projection due to the late arrival of the video)

Photo exhibition:

Isaac Mc-Kay Randozzi
John Lindsay
James Whineray
Tomaž Šantl
Aymeric Nocus
Yoan Taillandier
Sergej Vutuc
Kristijan Smok
Andy Kuljiš

Behold a drawing of a pale horse

Only underground stuff on the underground festival! Waiting for some stuff from John Lindsay to come, only for VFF2013! What kind of stuff?

Check it here: Behold a drawing of a pale horse


Isaac Randozzi on VFF 2013

Another photographer who’s work will be featured on VFF 2013 is Isaac Randozzi. CHECK IT OUT!!!

Board graphic and shirt for Stereo Skateboards.

From filming for Magenta: Hill St. Blues 2. Yoan films Ben Gore as the owner of the house looks on.

Pushed DVD arrived to VFF unexisting office!


Tengu: God of Mischief – second trailer!

Tengu: God of Mischief will be premiered on Vladimir Film Festival 2013!

Mandible Claw interview coming soon!!

Grey Area on VFF 2013

Grey area, Polish video that dig some dust last year when it was publish, this year on VFF2013!
Rough, dirty spots, DIY philosophy, pure love and creativity! Keeping skateboarding alive!

Aymeric Nocus: MSC.BX

This amazing video project is from our friend Aymeric Nocus, who will show up on Vladimir Film Festival 2013!

Florian Schneider: Pushed on VFF 2013!

Pushed by Florian Schneider is on our wish list since when we started with the festival and finally we have the opportunity to screen it!

Here are few words from the author about the film:

“… this project deals with the links between skateboarding and creative habbits. It is about the point of view you get on your environment because of skateboarding. It deals with love and hate in a piece of wood and all the different kinds of creative output that is produced in skateboarding’s own microkosmos. And it may take a look at the kitschy question of this passion, such as: Is it possible to look at skateboarding as an artform?”

Speaking about the people he picked to portray in his film, Florian says:

“I picked these characters because I have always been impressed and inspired by their work. I like the fact that these guys are going their way without any sell-outs or even selling their motives – which is kind of a kitschy point of view as well. In my eyes, these guys were always up to giving something back to this scene from a very independent attitude.”

Click here to buy the video!