Absurd at the Azov Sea

During the recent trip, the Absurd team explored cities around the Azov region and got full on Russian experience mixed with very special local vibes. Skateboarding by Gosha Konyshev, Philipp Kharel, Trofim Ovchinnikov and Pasha Kuznetsov. Filmed and edited by Khud and Barabaka.

When Russian people mention vacation time by the sea they usually mean the Black Sea. It’s understandable because all the major sea resorts, best Russian beaches and main sea ports are located on the Black Sea coast. But Russia also has an access to an another southern sea called the Azov Sea. It’s way smaller, not as scenic as the Black Sea and its coastline isn’t that well developed. The Sea of Azov is one of the smallest and the shallowest sea in the world.

Absurd at the Azov Sea will be screened at the Brijuni island on Sunday 30th, the last day of the festival. Don’t forget to reserve your boat ride ticket here.

O3EPO project

Photo by Alexey Lapin

Skaters from famous Russian skate brand Absurd Skateboards and skaters from Carhartt WIP got together on this unusual project, a trip from Moscow to Baikal lake in Siberia. They went together through five time zones, crossing more than 6000 km, which took them over three weeks.

The project is called O3EPO, which means lake in Russian, (or “jezero” in Croatian) and after the premieres at Bright in Berlin and Faces and Laces in Moscow, it comes to VFF2017 in Fažana, accompanied with a limited number of free zines, featuring the photographs from Alexey Lapin and Felipe Bartolomé. Come and grab yours!

The video will be shown on Friday, September 22nd in the Fažana old square.

Somehow… Somewhere…


With this year’s program Vladimir is reaching some more remote parts of the world. VFF 2016 edition will be richer for an interesting visit from Russia: The crew from Absurd skateboards, led by legendary Kirill Korobkov, will be presenting themselves Somehow… Somewhere… project, which is set to be their first public video edit!

The video consists of four sections, each one portraying a different trip the team took last year (Euro trip, Siberian skate camp, the Yakutia Republic and the trip along the Volga River). Everything was documented only with HI8 cameras, with no additional optics or fish-eye lenses.

“We tried to focus on mode of life we had during skate tours, as well as feeling of freedom and adventure that skateboarding offers. Tricks may be an important part of skateboarding, but skateboarding is way much more than just tricks. Absurd is actually everywhere around us and skateboarding helps to find it.”

Photos by Barabaka