The Blackboard

Marquis Bradshaw’s debut documentary film The Blackboard examines what it means to be black in America, through the lens of skateboarding culture, which has become socially acceptable among black people only in recent years.

Pro skaters Jabari Pendleton, Karl Watson, and Ron Allen (one of the first black pro skaters and one of the first skaters to ever receive major corporate sponsorship), are telling their own story, without any filter but their own.

More about the film on the Blackboard website.

VFF 2016 documentary: Future is primitive

Documentaries have a special treatment at VFF as they are screened in the renowned Pula’s cinema Kino Valli. This edition of Vladimir has the honor to set to screen the documentary from Japanese filmmaker Katsuya Nonaka, Future is primitive, which puts together two seemingly different worlds, skateboard and shakuhachi.

In his film, Katsuya talks with skaters from all around the world, as well as Japanese and non-Japanese players of the traditional bamboo flute, the shakuhachi, revealing the common things and problems they share, while encountering changing status and a rise in popularity.

Official website of Future is primitive

Alexey Lapin at VFF 2016


Gosha Konyshev – Drop in, Podgorica

Alexey Lapin, a photographer from Moscow, deserves a special mention when speaking about the visitors from Russia. Marko (Zubak) first saw Alexey’s photos in Free Skate Mag #2: Russians hitting up the Balkans and than a year later, he met him in Zagreb with a few guys from Dura and Absurd.

“As in Croatia we know little or nothing about Russian skate scene, I invited them to Vladimir Film Festival as it seemed a good opportunity to start a new friendship. So, less than a year later, here they are coming back to Croatia, to unexplored grounds of Istra!”

We are very honoured to be able to show Alexey’s work, in our international photo section of VFF 2016. He will be exhibiting photos made during the Balkan trip. You can check more of his work at his flickr profile.

Dura crew

Following the post about Russian participants, we are happy to announce another crew coming from this part of the world: Dura crew. They don’t like introductions, but we will put their first team edit from the trip to Sochi they made in January 2016.


They are preparing a new edit for the festival, about the trip to Belarus they did this spring for the Free Skateboard Magazine. You can find the article about this trip in the latest issue, it’s called Getting Loose in Belarus.

Somehow… Somewhere…


With this year’s program Vladimir is reaching some more remote parts of the world. VFF 2016 edition will be richer for an interesting visit from Russia: The crew from Absurd skateboards, led by legendary Kirill Korobkov, will be presenting themselves Somehow… Somewhere… project, which is set to be their first public video edit!

The video consists of four sections, each one portraying a different trip the team took last year (Euro trip, Siberian skate camp, the Yakutia Republic and the trip along the Volga River). Everything was documented only with HI8 cameras, with no additional optics or fish-eye lenses.

“We tried to focus on mode of life we had during skate tours, as well as feeling of freedom and adventure that skateboarding offers. Tricks may be an important part of skateboarding, but skateboarding is way much more than just tricks. Absurd is actually everywhere around us and skateboarding helps to find it.”

Photos by Barabaka

Yoan Taillandier at Kino Valli

The man behind the Minuit audiovisual, Yoan Taillandier, cinematographer and photographer, will exhibit his works at the international photo exhibition in Kino Valli, Pula, on Saturday 19. 09. He is definitely another one of our favourite artists and finally we have the opportunity to welcome him here to Istria!

Be sure to be there at 19:00 and meet all the artists, before the program culminates with video projections and the Cardinal after party!

Presentation of “Dick skinners” book, by Tadej Vaukman

Tadej Vaukman’s seven-year journey, enclosed in a photo book, is the latest novelty coming from the RostFrei Publishing, creators of the famous trans-Balkan street magazine called Kontejner. Printed and handcrafted in their own backyard, “Dick Skinners” book is a photo documentation of everyday life, skateboarding and freedom, moments are captured in a rough way, straight to the point, without any embellishment.

Be sure not to miss the presentation of “Dick skinners” book, by Tadej Vaukman himself!

More about Tadej on his blog.

Danger Dave

Danger Dave

Last year VFF’s collaboration with Kino Valli was a screening of Phil Evans’ documentary Coping Mechanism. This year the collaboration continues with an unusual documentary, Danger Dave is a film about a professional skateboarder from France, who is on his last legs, yet still has no desire to end his career.

Over a five year period, the filmmaker Philippe Petit explores the demise of a man who is unable to maintain a professional career as his life descends into a downward spiral of parties and debauchery.

On the occasion of his personal attending to the festival, we made a small interview with the author. Check it here!


This is the teaser for the new upcoming video under the working name Solsticij. Behind this project, stands Nikola Racan, from Fažana, who has been working on it for several years already.

It’s the first skate video from Croatia that goes beyond national boundaries and takes this task seriously, which means it’s not just another local skate video. You’ll catch the glimpse of the Croatian skate scene, but what really moves the whole project is the strength of one of the biggest social tools: skateboarding.

Allen Ying on Vladimir Film Festival 2014

We are proud to announce another great name in the skateboard photography, documentarist of NYC’s independent scene, a founder of 43 Magazine, Allen Ying!

Bobby Puleo, switch backside nosegrind,  Lower Manhattan, 2007

For more photos visit Allen Ying’s website, blogspot or 43 magazine.

VFF 2014: Eleventh hour

Eleventh hour from Jacob Harris, is one of the most exiting skate video projects that came out in 2013. Theories of Atlantis web page ranked it as the best independent skate video from last year.
Hopefully, Jacob and the rest of guys from the film will join us this year on Vladimir Film Festival to present their video. If you want to know more about his work and “Eleventh hour”, check his interview from Gray skate magazine.

VFF 2014 update: Blackcrossbowl documentary!

“It almost feels like the Blackcrossbowl developed a life of it’s own in the six years of it’s existence. It became an almost mythical place because of the crazy party nights during the European Skateboard Championships and the rumour of the 1000€ prize for a successful drop in from the cross. Blackcrossbowl shows the full story from birth to death of one of Europe’s first DIY bowls and offers a glimpse into the life of the skateboarders that created it with the help of the European DIY godfather, Pontus Alv.”

DIY Badel factory: Two days zine

Check out the new zine from Kristijan Smok, featuring famous DIY spot in Fazana!
Be sure not to miss his photo blog!

Coping Mechanism by Phil Evans, VFF2014!

Coping Mechanism new documentary film by Phil Evans about Malmö, skateboarding and concrete.

Already got the first video for the VFF 2014! The Croatian premiere will be held at  MMC kino, Studenstki Centar, Zagreb, on 8th February, at 20:00h!

“The people at the heart of the scene here have put in the hard work and made the right decisions to foster a unique relationship with the city council who understand the true social benefits that skateboarding has to offer. Together they have pioneered a skate paradise in an unlikely location. This is something I have tried my best to represent, analyse and celebrate in Coping Mechanism.”


Meanwhile, you can buy or rent the movie here.


Darkslide team CRO/SLO tour!

Check out Darkslide team and their Skate, Beer and Rock’n’Roll tour! Peto Mercell, Igor Hanečák, Krnis and Tarzan Kudrnáčova.