Canasta by Francisco Saco

Canasta is a celebration of a scene that has been brewing for quite a while now, culminating in a mixed bag of expectations and maneuvers, of tackling an urban tropical landscape in all its splendor and ruggedness. It is as a complete overview of a crescent scene, and as such, will be the final work in a triptych of wrecks.

It features a cast of locals: Miguel Castro, Kervin Miranda, Kevin Mejia, Roberto Chaves, Yiyo Obando, Trona, Kako Vega, Bryan Gutierrez along with some visitors: Remy Taveira, Nich Kunz, Manu Etchegoyen.

Canasta is my last wreck. It focuses completely on the scene in Costa Rica, from both a national and foreign perspective under close observation.

Francisco Saco

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